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Wholesome and Hearty

I don't know if it is the current weather situation, or because we are fast approaching the end of the year, early December is always a period that makes me want to eat really simply and healthily. Perhaps it is the onslaught of hedonism and parties in between these periods of health that spur me on.... I don't know...

Anyway, just as Kath reflected in our previous post, there is always a place on the menu for good quality, tasty veggie food.

So today we are mainly eating my new favourite thing, White Chili. You can use Chicken or Turkey instead of Quorn, but there is really no need. The smokiness of the Paprika gives the dish a lovely bonfirey flavour, perfect for these long Winter evenings, and the lack of tomato does not detract from the kick of the chili. Now there's tasty.