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You can't beat an egg

Especially when it's a fresh egg courtesy of Lucy's chickens, collected by Scarlett, 3.

Here's how we like our eggs in the morning

- lightly scrambled with watercress
- poached on top of a slice of spelt toast
- cold, chopped boiled egg served with smoked salmon and cheapo caviar (or expensive if you can, we can't!)
- mashed up with mayo and prawns on a soft white roll
- fried in olive oil and served with fresh tomato salsa in a sarnie

How do you like yours?

Let them eat cake for breakfast

It's a rare day that us Hospitality gals actually get to see each other in the flesh these days. 80 miles of motorway, four daughters between us and two full time jobs usually separate us.

So the fact that it's a sunny Saturday morning, my girls are screeching round the house with excitement, and we are about to get into the car and stop by to see Lucy for coffee, is a BIG THING.

Which we felt called for vanilla cupcakes. I've banned Lucy from baking so will see if she's stuck to this agreement when we get there. Otherwise, we'll just have to manage two lots of cake!

These lovely creations were knocked up last night and decorated using some butter icing that I'd got left over from making a birthday cake, and had popped into the freezer. I can thoroughly recommend making up larger batches of things like icing and then freezing. Perfect for last-minute requests for bake sales. Although I'd already coloured this icing purple, you could freeze it without colour and simply add the colour of your choice to each batch that you took fro the freezer.

These cakes are topped with pink glitter icing. As I said, we have four daughters between us. Khaki does not feature heavily in either of our houses…

Have a great weekend and if you've got a spare 20 minutes, why not knock up some vanilla cupcakes using this easy, foolproof recipe?

4oz self raising flour
4 oz butter
4 oz caster sugar
2 eggs
few drops vanilla essence.

Whisk until creamy and light, place into fairy or cupcake cases, bake at 180 for 25 mins, top with icing and decorations of your choice.