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Moose Milk


1 litre dark rum
1 litre white rum
1 litre Kahlua® or Baileys® or similar
3 litres vanilla ice cream (softened)
3 litres semi skimmed milk
grated chocolate  this is the added secret moose poo garnish

The dark and white rum, the Kahlua® and the ice cream are the four staple ingredients, but there are many, many variations of this drink.  Some people substitute vodka for the rum, vanilla vodka is really yummy.  Others may eliminate the Irish cream liqueur and add Butterscotch Schnapps instead.  Before your party you can always experiment with a few different ingredients to see which version of the drink you like best.


Start by adding the vanilla ice cream into a blender.  Then, one by one, add your Kahlua
®, rum, Irish cream liqueur and any other alcohol into the blender.  Mix until you achieve a milkshake like consistency. 

Serve in a large glass and enjoy.  Make sure to refrigerate this beverage if you are preparing it in advance.    Some popular toppings and garnishes include grated nutmeg, cinnamon, grated chocolate or even berries.

Moose Milk is so tasty that it goes down very easily.  It’s one of those drinks that sort of sneaks up on you if you have even one too many.  So make sure any guests who take a liking to your Moose Milk have a spot on your sofa on which to sleep or get home with a designated driver, taxi or even dog sled!

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