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Northumbrian Pan Haggerty


1 large potato per person
melted butter to coat first layer of potato
1 medium onion per person
4 tablespoons grated cheddar cheese per person
tub of crème fraîche or double cream if you are feeling naughty


Peel potatoes and onions, cut into very thin slices.
Dry the potatoes in a cloth.
Melt the butter in a hot pan so it is foaming but not going brown.
Take off the heat.
Add a layer of potatoes, then of onions, then cheese and another layer of potatoes.
Season each layer with pepper and salt.
Top with Very Easy Cheese Sauce if you want but this is not traditional. I had some left over in a pot in the fridge, or more grated cheese.

Place in oven at about 180º for about 40 mins if you’ve made a lot, then either grill or turn oven up to 200º so the top browns.

Traditionally served straight from pan.

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