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Happy St George's Day!

And in London at least, it's a beautiful evening. We've got friends coming over for dinner, and seeing as curry is fast becoming our national dish, I thought it seemed only appropriate to celebrate with a few rubies (that's Ruby Murray - curry for all of you non-Brit followers). We're having prawn and chick pea bhuna; lamb, aubergine and spinach madras and a chicken korma, served with my fave chilled red, Brown Brothers Tarrango.

But if you are feeling like something a little bit more English this evening, may we suggest unearthing that bag of charcoal and firing up the great British BBQ?

How about corn on the cobs in foil, pork steaks brushed with sage butter, bangers served with a honey and mustard dipping sauce, new potato and chive salad, and a green salad? We always get our bangers from Bob Dove, it's the finest meat in south London, and the barbie selection is always spot on.

Served with plenty of Pimms and lemonade, and followed by a game of British Bulldogs. Bottoms up!

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