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New Beginnings

Kath's recent posts about Nu Beginnings and changing old habits has got me thinking about a family that I work with. Forgive the food pun, and I'm not making light of their situation at all... but they had got themselves into a bit of a pickle. (A euphemism in my line of work for a ruddy big hole.) Long term unemployment, lack of qualifications, debt, 3 children under 5 (1 a new born baby) and a little bit of misuse if you get my drift. It was with a heavy heart that I began the latest family meeting. However, Dad (who usually excuses himself from these meetings) arrived, declaring that he had discovered a passion that he had never felt before... inspired by the desire to change things for his wife and kids, he has begun........ COOKING.... with a goal to training as a chef. I could have hugged him, the way he spoke about gaining the qualifications he needs, his desire to widen his kids' food choices.... Bless him... He's staying away from his old friends/ associates, and instead is digging his garden to plant vegetables. Sometimes I have to admit I can be a bit cynical about what people say, the expected patter to professionals, but the way he spoke about the fire in his belly, I know he has found the recipe for change...Good luck to them, and it is true..the longest journey starts with a single step...and in his case a spade and a cook book.

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