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Quesadillas Al Fresco

Just been round to see my gorgeous South African friends for an impromptu christening of their hot tub. Jeanine is the sort of  host who is big on hospitality and making you feel so welcome, and we stayed well past our bed time... and on a school night! While I chatted to her husband Johann, Jeanine rustled up a delicious Red Onion and Goats Cheese Tart, and some really tasty Spicy Chicken Quesadillas, seemingly in the blink of an eye... oh, and a couple of refreshing spritzers... well, you have to don't you, when poolside!

The kids were still in the water well after dusk, and had pulled over the tarp to keep the heat in! They had certainly worked up an appetite, as there was very little food left after they had got out.
I have never tried sandwiching a filling between 2 tortillas, which is what a Quesadilla is. Jeanine then baked them in the oven (rather than frying) before finally serving cut into quarters. I shall certainly be preparing these in the near future.

Now I wonder,.how long can I  leave it before inviting myself round again... Do you think tomorrow is too soon?

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  1. O! Lucy what a wonderful account of the evening! My home is always open to friends. So glad to have you around! You are really one inspirational woman. Thank you for a wonderful friendship!!! BTW tonight is good........