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Born on the 4th of July

My friend is not only married to an American but has also had the foresight to be born on her husband's most celebrated National Holiday, American Independence Day. What better excuse than that do you need for a party? Also, there was an additional surprise, as the guest of  honour was another friend, celebrating her return from Jamaica after nearly a year there. And after all the recent unrest, I think secretly she was glad to be back on home turf. The mix of people is always eclectic at Gill and Brian's... there were South Africans, Croatians, Americans and Jamaicans as well as us locals. Carmen supplied a gorgeous Croatian pickled cucumber dish which was perfect with the home made burgers. Vince slightly disappointed me as he didn't bring his Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings, but I did manage to get his secret jerk paste recipe! As well as that, there was also Gill's amazing All American Potato Salad. Now I'm not a great potato fan, but this potato salad is so delicious, I'm ashamed to say I had 3 helpings...not good when you are cutting the carbs to get into a bikini in a few short weeks..... enough said! We had a great time, and I'm sure the celebrations continued well into the night! I left at sensible o'clock as we'd been given VIP tickets to Cornbury Festival for the following day.... and I just love that festival food!

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