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Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls

On Sunday, me and the kids were lucky enough to be given last minute VIP tickets to Cornbury Festival. The weekend had not gone at all according to plan as we were meant to be in Yorkshire at a reunion, but the girl who was giving us a lift had to work unexpectedly (Damn those PA's with their broken ankles!) so we were not able to go. Having just had a back operation, I'm also not ready to drive any distance further than about 5 miles! SO.... we were consigned to a weekend of local amusement, and as Cornbury is just down the road, we couldn't have had planned it better.... especially as visiting friends from Spain were already going, AND had space for us in their jeep. Armed with suncream, a purse full of pennies and camera at the ready, we all set off for the leisurely drive to Charlbury. The festival has been dubbed "Poshstock" for the amenities on offer and for its clientele, who this year  included locals such as Alex James, Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron.... (I'm just saying!) On offer to the 20,000 people attending throughout the weekend were luxurious camping options, a fairground, tombola and plush food and drinks stalls – Waitrose cocktail bars, a Pimms bus, Jamie Oliver's food, and tea and cake. Looking out towards the main stage, the grass was a sea of deck chairs and picnic rugs. Sunday kicked off with The Blockheads and ended with The Feeling, but the highlights for me were of course sampling the delights of the food stalls. Lunch was a Chicken and Chorizo Paella from Paellaria, with lemon, fresh parsley and roasted red peppers, washed down with home made lemonade. The kids then had a crepe each from La Creperie... one chocolate, one lemon and sugar... later on there was Pimms (Come on, it is Cornbury!) and Paninis. Despite the slightly chilly afternoon, and the drizzle which began at about 6 pm, we had a great time... There is no better way to spend the day than with good friends, good music and good food. Roll on the rest of the Summer.

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