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Glad It's All Over

I have a confession to make. Christmas for me has not always been the joyous fa la la la la affair as portrayed in the Coca Cola adverts. Life happens, and sometimes this can deeply affect our feelings towards such calendar dates as Christmas, Anniversaries,Valentine's Day, etc. Christmas has been a bit of a grin and bear it event in the past, followed by loud broadcasting of Captain Sensible's 'Glad it's all over', while preparing to really celebrate on New Year's Eve.
This year, and I know this to be the case for a number of our friends, the certainty of Christmas being different, and possibly difficult, has been a little daunting to say the least. Newly divorced, separated, bereaved... all highly emotional places to be at Christmas time.
My attitude was to break with the past, and create new family traditions. The midnight walk will certainly be one to uphold, as well as Christmas Morning Hide and Seek, and the exchanging of joke presents. This year, a rubber, beautifully wrapped, causing much hilarity.  It's been a great Christmas. And I'm pleasantly surprised.
We have had 2 lovely Japanese girls staying with us, and Boxing Day Sushi will also be something we'll continue. Regular readers will know we are big fans of Japanese food, but to have it made for you in your own home was quite something.
As 2011 fast approaches, we are currently deciding what to eat and drink with our friends at New Year. It has been good to revisit our blog posts from the previous 12 months, and reflect on how many opportunities we have had to spend time with the people who really matter in our lives.
Here's to a very Happy New Year.  L&K x

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