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New Year Superfood Salad - warm and delicious

Even though my head's saying 'carry on with the wine and chocolates at every opportunity', it has to be said that my body's crying out for entirely different substances after the excesses of Christmas. And this warm, zingy, springy winter salad has proved a really satisfying January stalwart.

I'd never tried curly kale in a salad before, but after cutting it into small pieces and lightly steaming it, I tossed it in a little sesame oil and white balsamic vinegar. I then added:

chopped beetroot (again slightly warm, as I'd just finished boiling up and keeping a batch to keep in the fridge)
chopped feta
chopped plum tomatoes

I've continued with these base ingredients and have also added any of these that happen to be around in the storecupboard or fridge:

capers or caperberries
fresh anchovies
chopped hard boiled egg
flaked hot smoked salmon

My aim this month is not to deprive myself or starve my body, but to get maximum nutrition from every meal by eating unprocessed, quality ingredients. Followed, of course, by some decent quality chocolate - a storecupboard essential as far as I'm concerned!

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