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Onwards and Upwards

Our blogposts have been a little sporadic this year; a culmination of a brand new business venture (Kath), an impending divorce (me), and other time and energy sapping things such as working very hard (both of us), and making ourselves make time for our friends and family (both of us.) Something had to give.....So the blogging became the casualty, for a little while at least.
To top this off, the final straw for me was my ex taking the pc; no hard feelings, he needed it; but I was left with a clonky old laptop which had been forgotten in some dusty box in the loft until very recently....
We'd been invited to guest blog for another site, and I'm afraid we (I ) may have (definitely) over stretched our committments....
Sorry Ape to Gentleman, we hope you will be Gents and forgive us... (Didn't really feel the love on Valentines' Day this year, hope you understand? x)
Anyway, Spring is here, and it's National Pie Week this week. I have my trusty (crappy) HP laptop, there's gorgeous produce coming into season, time to get back in the saddle.... in more ways then one I hope....
And if the worst comes to the worst, I can always make kebabs and cook them à la Microsoft!

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