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Hi there! Popped into our lovely local deli Bread and Milk, to get myself a sandwich (roast beef and horseradish on ciabatta, yum) after a hard morning at work... to be greeted by a sign on their blackboard inviting customers to join them on twitter... Well, that's a coincidence I thought as Kath and I had spent the evening trying to work out how to set up a twitter account for the blog so we can both tweet from separate locations... Perfect opportunity to get started I thought to myself... so, after browsing all their delicious pies, local cheeses, and further ranges of other goodies such as fresh pasta, antipasti, cakes, chutneys and wine... I decided to carry on browsing... back on the pc, and hopefully get tweeting...

We are now set up on twitter to follow and be followed... see if you can find us!!

Be interesting to see what recipes can be condensed into 140 characters including spaces!!

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  1. Just been exploring the net... and I'm pleased to see that someone had created a twitter cookbook... have included link in the Links we Love list!