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Chicken Potjie


2 kg chicken thighs.
100ml cooking oil (or olive oil)
4 teaspoons salt
6 bay leaves
grinding of black pepper corns
large pinch of dried thyme
2  teaspoons allspice
3 large tablespoons of chutney
200 g carrots, peeled and sliced
12 large potatoes, peeled and sliced
500 g whole button mushrooms
300 ml chicken stock

 Prepare the Potjie 

(Use a large Earthenware or Ironware pot with close fitting lid if you don’t have one!) 
Clean the inside of the Potjie thoroughly
Rub the inside with a couple of cloves of garlic
Make a fire of charcoal, briquettes or wood (a gas fire may be used but does little for the ambience!)


Heat the oil in the pot
Sprinkle the thighs with salt
Fry the chicken, a few pieces at a time, until brown
Add the spices, herbs and chutney
Layer first the potatoes and then the carrots on top of the meat
Add the stock
Replace the lid and simmer slowly for approximately 1 hour

After 1 hour layer the mushrooms on top of the carrots
Simmer for another 20-30 minutes
Serve with rice

If you want to you can add any other vegetables of your choice such as; cabbage, patty pans or corn on the cob. Just make sure that all hard vegetables are near the bottom of the pot on top of the potatoes.


Be careful when making a Chicken Potjie because the cooking time will be much quicker than with lamb or beef as the meat is softer.


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