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Good Times!

We went to a fabulous gathering yesterday. It was everything a catered for party should be. Simple, and seemingly effortless, although I'm sure behind the scenes there was a lot of careful orchestration and organisation!
The canapes were delicious and kept appearing at just the right moment, the wine flowed at just the right rate, and the actual food to keep us all going later on in the evening was easy to eat, delicious and again arrived at just the right time.
There were 30 guests in all, and we ate beautifully presented smoked salmon and dill blinis, lamb koftas with mint dip, risotto balls with chili dipping sauce, red onion tartlets, miniature raspberry cheesecakes, and strawberry shortcakes with cream. There was also what I term fork food for later... (you can balance the plate on your knee or hold in one hand and eat with just a fork..)  which was equally delicious. Chicken and leek pie in a white wine sauce, lentil and butternut squash pie with mashed potato, and a really tasty shepherd's pie. All served with tiny new potatoes, carrots and green beans....
Later on still there was a delicious cheese board, coffee, tiny mince pies and delicious little marzipan topped fruit cakes.

Having experienced how simply and yet how perfectly Sunday's party was, I shall be committing the variety and quantities of food to memory, for future reference!

Well done to Jean for hosting such a fabulous soiree, and thanks to Encore, the caterers for making the afternoon so perfect!


  1. Hey lovely blog partner. Your meals are so much more civilised than mine!

    Tonight = Bootleg Beatles at Albert Hall.

    Dinner therefore = 1 x packet crisps and 3 x red wines. Am now about to embark on a beautiful Esseex rare breed bacon and egg sandwich courtesy of my Lee.

    K x

  2. sounds delicious... my cupboards are bare tonight so will be defrosting soup or just eating ice cream!