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Wallace, Gromit and Gaza

Without wishing to get political here, which would not be appropriate, I wanted to share something with you which is relevant especially at this time of year, and perhaps just make people think a little deeper about our world picture. On the way to my mother in law's party, we missed the turn off the M25 and ended up at Clackett Lane Services in Kent. The car park was heaving, full of ambulances carrying medical supplies. There were lots of people with banners proclaiming 'Viva Palestine Convoy'. There was a huge brightly decorated articulated lorry with among other designs a large picture of Wallace and Gromit painted on it  Much of it was done in a Banksy style, and as it transpired the lorry had come from Bristol, home both to Aardman Animation and the notorious Banksy.

'What are they doing Mum?' my youngest asked. I explained about the conflict in Gaza as best I could to an 8 year old, who then became very quiet and pensive. We explained where Bethelehem and Jerusalem were, and that there was a lot of fighting, and a lot of innocent people were being hurt and killed. She said she couldn't understand why they couldn't talk to each other and sort their problems out. Is that such a simplistic view?

It was very moving to see so many people mobilised into action, and to travel so far to help. I have added their twitter account to the blog, please have a read if you can.

I also include a link to the Institute for Middle Eastern Understanding, where there is a very interesting section on food and cooking in Gaza.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas...

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