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Moose Milk

Still snowbound! Have had our former next door neighbours round for coffee and Christmas cake and got chatting about the things we love to eat and drink in this cold weather. I mentioned a delicious cocktail that we had had at my friends Frank and Danny's wedding a few years ago which is perfect to beat the winter blues. Danny is Warrant Officer of a Submarine, and picked this cocktail recipe up while hanging out in the Canadian Navy Officers Mess

This recipe is for a single moose, but the recipe in the side bar is for a large gathering... do not drink it all by yourself although it is absolutely delicious, it is very potent!

30ml Dark rum
30ml White rum
15ml Kahlua®
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
grated nutmeg (though apparently the navy don't bother with that!)

Blend just until smooth. Nutmeg if you want.  Drink with caution!


  1. Hi there. Frank of "Frank and Danny" here. Lucy's not the only one to remember the Moose Milk from our wedding. I suspect it might be the only thing some people can remember, after a glass or two. Good job there were so many nice men in uniform for my mother to lean on. Of course, the best way to enjoy Moose Milk is to make a batch, fill up a few little water bottles and drink it on the hoof at New Year. We did it for years when Newcastle had the big fireworks displays on the Quayside. No need to queue in the pubs - just enjoy the street entertainment and try and stay upright until the show starts. That said, the temperature gives an illusion of sobriety until you get home...and the ice cream lines your stomach.

  2. Yah, pretty much as a I remember the mix from HMCS Assiniboine (DDH 234), during Standing Naval Forces Atlantic 87 deployment...