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With the intention of Taking Back Sunday firmly planted in our heads, we headed over to the (well, my) In Laws In The Country for the weekend.  I love cooking in my MIL's kitchen, she has all the latest equipment stowed away behind her oak cupboard doors! And when you look outside it's just like the bit in Snow White where Snow White is singing and the animals all peek out of their hiding places and come to help her with the house work...
My brother in law Ian is a very entrepreneurial  fellow, who will have a go at anything, and enjoy the journey to boot. We got chatting about his latest venture, Shirley Price Aromatherapy Oils and how oils can be used as an ingredient in food, for example Bergamot in Earl Grey tea, and the many uses of flowers such as Lavender and Roses. I spent a gorgeous afternoon with a friend at the Rockwell Bar on the ground floor of The Trafalgar Hotel, sipping Champagne cocktails made with essence of Roses, so subtle and so delicious!
Anyway, as we had been talking about adding such flavours to food, I decided I would experiment and see if  I could adapt the Primrose Bakery recipe for lavender cupcakes, and use the essential oil rather than the fresh sprigs as suggested in the book. Much to my delight, 6 drops of lavender oil and about an hour later, we were all tucking in to Lavender Cupcakes, made with Shirley Price Organic lavender oil, and our own freshly laid eggs.
Later on in the afternoon, we shared a delicious Sunday Roast, comprising of Leg of Lamb, Roast Potatoes, Roast Vegetables (red pepper, butternut squash, onion, courgette) Honey glazed parsnips, the most glorious Yorkshire Puddings, Cauliflower Cheese and for pudding, the remaining Lavender cupcakes, Lemon Roulade, Tiramisu, and Apple Pie.

Sundays don't get any better than this!

I left my camera there so you'll have to wait for more photos! Sorry!

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