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We Love Sushi!

Kath's latest tweet asking what people ate during labour got me thinking back to the day after I'd given birth to my youngest, when I decided to invite our friends round to eat home made sushi to celebrate our new arrival. 'What were you thinking?' I hear you gasp, but Sushi is one of my all time favourite foods, and having been careful during my pregnancy, although I did succumb to temptation once while on holiday in Canada (the fish was fresh from the sea that day and absolutely delicious!) I felt I deserved a treat. 
London has a great selection of really delicious, authentic sushi bars and restaurants, while they are much  fewer and farther between up here in Oxfordshire....
To my great delight, I saw a post from Bread and Milk on Twitter this morning that got me all excited! Sushi Saturday! In the next village to me! This definitely needed further off  I went!
I have since discovered that there is a wonderful lady named Adrienne Baba, a ceramicist and cook, living not 2 miles away from me. She is passionate about Japanese food and pots, making the most delicious authentic sushi and creating beautiful tableware on which to serve it, supplying leading  Japanese restaurants including Zuma, Roka and Soho Japan. She even collaborates with the head chefs to design and produce pieces to match their menus.
Her interest and experience in cooking Japanese food has led to her establishing a Japanese cookery school, and she also provides Japanese food for dinner parties, all served on her own tableware of course! For now, I am going to have the most delicious lunch of the week so far, and will be booking myself onto one of Adrienne's courses very shortly!

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