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The 5th Element

Regular readers will know we get a bit obsessive at times, especially about new developments, products or discoveries. For the best Sushi rice, we use the "Blue Dragon" Sushi Rice, available in 500g packs in the UK from Waitrose. Check out your local Asian grocers for more exotic items, although Tesco's and Sainsburys are getting better at stocking more unusual ingredients. Whilst researching different ways of making Sushi, we discovered that there is a 5th flavour, in addition to sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. This 'moreish' taste has been carefully developed and packaged by the truly imaginative Laura Santtini who describes herself simply as a writer who cooks, although if you look at her website it is clear she is much more than that.
For £2.99 it's definitely worth a try! And her other products are just as enticingly named and beautifully packaged! Can't wait to try them out!
(Available from Selfridges and Waitrose from mid February.)


  1. Looking forward to cooking with Laura's Carnal Sin flavouring, part of her Easy Tasty Magic range...

  2. Dear Lucy & Kath
    Thank you so much for your post, it is praise like that that makes it all worthwhile. I am delighted and honoured that you have added a link to my site, thank you and must repay the compliment as I very much enjoyed looking through your work too.

    Apologies for late response but things have been very hectic this week with Taste No 5 causing an international news story, it is like a dream and have so many more ideas I hope to fulfill. Keep an eye on the site it will change occasionally and in the meantime thank you again for those special words and for giving me a boost just at the right time.

    Very best wishes to you both.