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High Tea

As a kid, I always used to love going to my friends’ houses for tea.  Whenever I was invited to Jane’s I remember getting particularly excited, as her Mum would push the boat out and do a proper old school High Tea. French fancies, cucumber sandwiches, brown bread rolls with sandwich spread,  which I have never had any where else. Really posh, crusts off the sandwiches, home made lemonade, just lovely.
Fast forward a few years, and I find myself at Time for Tease, (at The Volupté near Chancery Lane) a rather more risqué affair, every bit as Posh (with a capital P) but just a bit more grown up and saucy.... A mixture of delightful finger food, including sandwiches, scones, home made jam and clotted cream, plus a variety of teas, champagne and cocktails, with a big dollop of Burlesque Cabaret thrown in for good measure!
Kitty Von Strumpet played her ukulele, a variety of Gateaux Vivants appeared to titivate, French Maids served us our tea, all within the beautiful 30’s inspired décor of The Volupté.
My High Tea at home nodded to both these elements, although as it was for my daughter’s 13th birthday, we stuck to 1930’s music and Pink lemonade, the only buns on view were those on the cake stand. I’ll take her when she’s older though, as it is such a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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  1. Hey that's lovely - thanks girls,
    Bumps & grinds with a cherry on top!

    Zoe Fletcher - Time For Tease