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Just Burlesque

Out on a School night! Now that doesn't happen very often (for me anyway!), but on Wednesday 10th February Kath and I were delighted to accept Handpicked Media's invitation to meet up with our fellow writers and bloggers at the Just Oriental Bar in Piccadilly. I braved the blizzards, had a quick stop in Fortnum and Mason on the way, (research purposes of course!)  and arrived at the venue, excited and a little bit nervous! Kath and I had a great time, meeting other bloggers and websters who contribute to the HPM site. We sounded all clever,  discussing Strategy and Analytics, whilst drinking gorgeous Vanilla and Strawberry Tom Collins cocktails, and gaining a greater understanding of where we are going as a group (literally for us as it turns out, as we are now planning a Road Trip!)  It was great to put faces to names, as we have exchanged many e mails with Krista and Rita from HPM, and Gigi from MumsRock but have never met before.
The venue was stunning, the conversation flowed along with the Tom Collins, and the food was divine, little platters of seafood, duck pancakes and tempura. All in all, a great evening.
Now it has been reported by Gigi that Kath and I later went on to The Met Bar for a Burlesque Lesson... can I just say Gigi that this is NOT true! We did pop to The Met Bar, it was a Burlesque evening, but we were definitely not participating! It was a fantastic night, and I was even tucked up in bed by midnight!

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  1. Hi Lucy
    I couldn't make the evening but it sounds like I missed a good one! Am hopeful to attend the next one and if you're off to the Met bar after then please take me with you! TG39 xx