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Cotswold Shopping List for 20 adults and approx 14 kids

3 x Fresh Soured Cream 284ml

2 x Philadelphia Original 300g

Mature Grated Cheddar 500g

2 x Le Rustique Pasteurised Camembert 250g

2 x Pie D'angloys 200g

2 x Finest Cheese Selection510g

3 large packets of Smoked Salmon

1 large cooked ham

2 cooked turkey breasts

1 large pork pie

3 x T.Finest* 12 Traditional Pork Chipolata 375g

12 packets of Thick Cut Bacon 220g

2 x Lamb Whole Leg 1.8 kg each

2 x Finest Pork Ribeye Joint

36 Free Range Eggs

2 x Yeo Valley Organic Greek Style Natural Yoghurt 450g

4 x Cool Salsa Dip 200g

3 x Nacho Cheese Dip200g

King Edward Potatoes 5kg

Chantenay Carrots 1.5 kg

20 Large Flat Mushrooms

4 x Iceberg Lettuce 250g

5 punnets Cherry Tomatoes 300g

3 x Unwashed Lambs Lettuce 60g

1 x Red Cabbage

3 large heads of Broccoli

2 x Cauliflowers Extra Large

3 x Cucumbers

6 x Medium Avocados

5 loaves Medium Sliced White Bread 400g

2 x New York Bagels Plain 5pk

1 x Cheese Sauce 600g (It was my birthday so I CHEATED, FORGIVE ME!!)

Finest Four Cheese Twists 130g

2 X Cheese Twists 125g

2 X Rough Oatcakes 250g

2 X Biscuits For Cheese 500g

2 X Milton's Garlic & Herb Crackers 170g

4 X Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips 300g

3 X Jordans Country Crisp Strawberry500g

2 X Vegetable Gravy Granules 200g

1 X Snack Pack Raisins 18x14g

1 X Trade Aid Uk Granulated Sugar500g

8 X Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup 4 X 400g

8 X Napolina Chopped Tomatoes400g

5 X Taco Mix Beans & Mex Sauce 420g

2 X Old El Paso Mixed Chilli Jalapenos 215g

8 X Discovery Taco Tray Kit 270g

8 x Organic 6 Tortilla Wraps

Uht Skim Milk 6 X 1 Litre

Uht Semi Milk 6x1ltr

4 X Fragata Olives Stuffed With Anchovy 200g

4 X Fragata Olives Stuffed With Garlic 200g

3 X Mrs Elswood Sweet & Sour Cucumbers 670g

2 X Haywards Crisp & Mild Sweet Onions 710g

Minced Beef 2 kg

6 bottles Schloer

Finest 160 Tea Bags 500g

Fairtrade Freeze Dried Coffee 100g

With delivery this came to about £300….

Top Tip….

Get it delivered to where you are staying!!

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