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All the Fun of the Fair!

This week, for 3 days only, the Fair comes to town. I love it as it is a chance to catch up with some families from our school who are Showmen. It was great walking round and bumping into people who had been away for the Summer Season, and are now heading back to their Winter bases. There was a real community atmosphere which is something to be celebrated these days!
I stopped at Lauren's stall and hooked myself a prize, then headed to her Mum and Dad's van as we were feeling hungry! They have recently been awarded 3 stars by the local council for their superior quality food, using only the best ingredients and applying the highest standards of hygiene. It's quite hard to get 3 stars I'm told!
I pumped Sharon for her secrets, and even tried to persuade her to let me join her behind the cookers...She declined my offer but I'll keep working on her!
The burger was delicious, Ruby (my youngest daughter) had a Hotdog and we both agreed that they were definitely the best at the fair! Other things we sampled were Candyfloss (of course) Toffee Apples, Donuts and Crepes. All in the name of research of course, and as I was lucky enough to catch everyone in a good mood they let me have a couple of other recipes! Thanks so much!!

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