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Fiesta in The Cotswolds

A few weekends ago, a group of longstanding friends made a daring trek into the wilds of the Cotwolds to celebrate my 40th birthday. 'Can we bring anything?' I was asked.... 'No, just yourselves... I'll take care of the shopping!'

We stayed in a beautiful place named The Old Mill, which had a huge dining room, perfect for the weekend ahead of us.

Everyone was arriving at different times... and as it turned out this seemed to be governed by how lost we got!.. so I'd planned a simple supper of soup, breads, cold meats and cheeses... This went down very well! I'll share my shopping list with you later on.

Breakfast the next day was cooked by friends. Bacon, eggs, field mushrooms with flat leaf parsley, deliciously simple and made from top quality local ingredients... including eggs both from our own chickens and some from Simon and Joss's.

Lunch was a pub job, as the main event of the day was my birthday dinner... a Mexican fiesta! Recipes listed on the right.

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